The skin around the eyes - methods of rejuvenation

Rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes

It is very important to start performing recovery procedures in a timely manner, without waiting for the moment when the skin loses its elasticity and "crawls" downwards. If this is allowed, then the boundaries between the cheeks and the eye sockets will shiftSoft tissue sinks in, the lower edges of the eye sockets are only covered by the stretched eyelid, the eyes lose their young, attractive appearance Only surgical intervention can eliminate this defect.

The list of necessary operations to eliminate signs of aging includes solving the following problems

wrinkles around the eyes

You can get rid of these unsightly signs of aging with the help of injections of preparations containing botulinum toxin. The result of this procedure is visible in 2-14 days. The effect lasts about six months. People prone to edema should be injected with caution and only after a series of measures to improve blood flow.

The event requires a certain experience and knowledge from the cosmetologist: it is important to preserve the naturalness of facial expressions and the pattern of the eyebrows in order to avoid the appearance of edema.

hernia of the eyelid

With small hernias, their masking is possible. Hyaluronic gel is used for this. If this method is not applicable, then blepharoplasty, the surgical removal of hernias, will help. Thorough preparation using cosmetic techniques is carried out before the operation. This facilitates the postoperative period and reduces the risk of complications.

pigmentation and loss of elasticity

For the solution, a chemical peel is used, alternating with injections of hyaluronic acid (biorevitalization). When performing these procedures, it is recommended to use only preparations designed specifically for this part of the face.

bags and swelling

In this case, microcurrent therapy with hardware massage is indicated. The skin is strengthened, stagnation is eliminated. The result is usually noticeable after the first two procedures, and at least ten sessions will help consolidate the effect.

tear nasal trough

A very ugly and noticeable sign of old age. The skin sags, a furrow develops, which starts at the inner corner of the eye and runs diagonally along the cheek. This deficiency is corrected with the help of gels containing collagen or hyaluronic acid. The face is rejuvenated almost immediately while the procedure is completely painless. The effect lasts six months, sometimes a year.